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Water Slide Repair

Gel coat is an effective way to restore
water slides, eliminating the cost of buying
new water slides. The Slide Experts prides
itself in the prep work that is done before
spraying 20 mil of gel coat to give you the
glossy factory new look.
The key to any restoration project is the
prep work. We pressure wash and clean
every water slide before applying a high
gloss UV and chlorine resistant paint.
This option is half the cost of gel coating.
The Slide Experts clean the waterslide,
apply wax, and then polish.
We pressure wash or sand blast to get the
structure ready for a premium paint that
resists UV and chlorine. Then apply a primer
and a second coat to give you a quality

We pride ourselves on being the BEST OF THE BEST in the water park industry

24 years of experience and nationwide service, The Slide Experts have the answer to every
commercial water slide repair.

Visitors to your water park expect the safest possible family experience, along with the bright and modern appearance that signals state-of-the-art recreation. When it comes to water slides, The Slide Experts’ experienced technicians help you guarantee visiting families that fun, safe experience -- year after year.

Proper maintenance and quick repairs reduce the risk of injuries to park visitors -- as well as the likelihood of the more expensive repairs and replacements that come with not addressing minor problems.

Turn to The Slide Experts and our years in the water slide restoration industry, which translates into professional service you can rely on. To minimize any impact on your operating schedule, we arrive promptly for scheduled maintenance visits, and can be relied upon to swiftly address unexpected repair needs.

Interior restoration services help you extend the life of your waterslides, saving you the expense of frequent replacement. We’ll remove worn-out gel coatings, extensively clean the surface underneath, and repair any existing tears or worn spots. Next, we’ll apply a primer coat when needed, followed by the spraying-on of a new gel coating, and a final buff and wax. Our leading-edge spray gel system allows you to pick from a range of colors, creating a brand new look for your slide without the cost of replacement.

Of course, the exterior of your water slide gets plenty of wear and tear, too. Water slides in outdoor parks are exposed to sun, rain and other elements, while even indoor slides have to contend with the damaging effects of chlorine water. The Slide Experts’ technicians address surface cracks and warps before they become major structural issues. We also provide waxing and resurfacing, which helps exterior fiberglass better resist the corrosive elements water slides face every day.

Other services you can count on at The Slide Experts include structural restoration through regular maintenance and repair. We also provide basic waxing and polishing services.

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