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Water Slide Exterior Restoration

Commercial water slides rely on an assembly of polished and sealed fiberglass, aluminum bracketing and steel framing. Although these are all durable materials, over time damage can occur, especially with outdoor systems exposed to the elements. As a result, water slide exterior restoration provides important maintenance to prevent from bigger problems in the future.


Water and the Sun's Corrosive Effect
Chlorine treated water is a standard presence at almost any water park. Unfortunately, chlorine treated water can be damaging to sealants and surfacing over time.
Not to mention damage from the Suns’ rays. The sun affects metal every day because the heat causes it to expand and contract putting stress on water slide sections and connection points.

Water slides can develop a lot of problems over time due to over use, exposure to the elements, structural stress, and wear. Water slide restoration can solve these problems. Simple waxing and resurfacing can reduce friction and re-establish the protective coat on fiberglass to deter damage from sun exposure.

Stress crack, fracture, and expansion warping often are problems you can run into over time with fiberglass. Even industrial sections built to take a beating can develop these problems. A minimal crack can potentially lead to a structural problem if ignored. It is crucial to stop these kinds of damages early with restorative services, to avoid more expensive repairs later on and extend the life a commercial water slide.

In Summary
Water slide restoration should become a regular part of maintaining a commercial waterslide to ensure the system is working properly and is safe for users of all ages. With frequent upkeep by restoration services, a water slide can last a good number of years before any major renovations are necessary.