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The Slide Experts was established in 2009 and has over 24 years of experience in the service industry. We pride ourselves in being the leading company in this water park industry. With trained technicians determined to get the project done right the first time, we will restore your water park to factory new conditions. We believe that excellence service must require three main components: quality, price and deadline. Building a relationship with our customers is very important to us at The Slide Experts. We make sure one of the owners makes a personal visit to each water park to meet our clients face to face. We use this meeting as an opportunity to take a look at the water park and discuss the clients’ expectations. Because of this physical trip, the team is better informed on what exactly is expected from them.


Our Portfolio


Water Slide Interior Restoration

To avoid replacing waterslides, use a gel coating instead. Gel coating is an effective way to restore waterslides to their original factory appearance. We ensure all of the prep work is done by removing old coatings and caulk, and then repairing any fiberglass before spraying down your waterslides with the gel coating. This method is an effective way to extend the life of your water slide for years to come, with proper maintenance of course. Our gel coat manufacturer has ranked among the highest in both product and appearance. With the purchase of our gel coating services, the client can choose from a variety of colors from our RAL color chart free of charge. Read More...

Water Slide Exterior Restoration

The Slide Experts believe that prep work is the key to any restoration project on waterslides. With that being said, we will be happy to pressure wash and clean your slides before applying a high gloss UV and chlorine resistant paint. This will bring back the waterslides original glow and last for many years to come. Read More...

Waterslide Waxing / Polishing Restoration

The Slide Experts will ensure a full inspection of all water slides to determine the best option for our client. For example, if we notice that the water slides’ surface is still good but is starting to look old and dull; a waxing may be the best route. Often, calcium and chlorine deposits are the cause of this fading, and at half the cost of gel coating it is a great alternative. Our team first cleans the water slide then applies the wax by hand using an orbital wax applicator. The polish will leave your slide looking and working just like new. Read More...

Structure Restoration

To get your structure ready for a premium paint that resists UV and chlorine The Slide Experts will make certain to complete all the proper prep work to the metal of your structure by pressure wash or sandblasting. We will then apply a paint primer and then a second coat to give you a quality finish. Depending on the clients’ budget and needs, water slides can either be waxed or gel coated. Read More...