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Water Slide Interior Restoration

Water slides are an essential element to water parks that require regular maintenance to ensure their efficiency and appearance. Think of maintaining your water slides as an effective business strategy. For example, if your water park looks attractive you will be more likely to appeal to new customers.
With efficiency guaranteed in business, there is no doubt that quality will be unsurpassed. Depending on the size of your water park, you can decide to conduct routine maintenance at least once every six moths. Of course, your park can have even more efficient results with a higher rate of maintenance.
Regardless of all the caution, care, and maintenance you carry out with your water slides they still have a tendency to wear out with time. Eventually they will either need to be replaced or restored. Our water slide interior restoration service is an effective way to significantly expand the life of your water slides. Water slide interior restoration is a more cost effective alternative to purchasing brand new slides. You can restore the appearance and functionality of your water slides without having to replace them.
The Slide Experts, established in 2009, offers the best services in the water park industry. With highly qualified, trained, and experienced team of professionals it is our duty to guarantee your water park is restored and regains a new look. We use a gel coat in the restoring of the interior surface of your water slide and it comes in different colors to suit the preferences of our clients.
Before arriving at the final finish, a number of steps are taken. The old layer of gel coat is removed, if it exists, followed by the cleaning of the interior surface. A polyester or vinyl ester primer or filler coat may need to be applied depending on the amount of dirt on the water slide. Repairs are done in preparation for the actual coating to ensure that there will be no leakages after the coating.
The mode of application is by spraying; either using a catalyst injection system or a pressure pot. The client is free to select the color of their choice from our RAL color chart free of charge. After the gel coating has been left to rest, the final steps of this process is buffing and waxing. These are done to ensure the surface remains shiny, attractive and long lasting. For quality services that will leave the interior of your waterslide restored, contact us and experience a new look in your water slides.